Discount Poker Shop

If you’re looking to save money, but still get some quality items in the gaming world, is a great option. Right off the bat, the website lists sales on their front page. An entire mini-sized poker set will set you back a mere $10. You can’t pass up a deal like this; it just wouldn’t be smart.

The website sells a lot of varied chip sets, ranging from extremely cheap to a little more expensive, but still nicely priced. They’ve also got various types of tables, from folding to full set ups. Neither are extremely expensive, at least not as much as I’ve seen elsewhere. A simple folding table will suffice for many and you can get one for under $50. Those looking to up their game will want to get an entire table setup. As with the rest of, you can expect good prices on these as well.

Their website lists testimonials from customers, all of which seem to be praising the high quality of the items they’ve received at good prices. A few go on to mention the incredible service experience from the customer support. It’s nice to see a company priding themselves on helping the customer after the purchase.

The site ships all across the US with a timeframe of 3-7 business days for many areas. Their shipping page has a nice little chart that tells how long it will take for your package to arrive, depending on your location. Each item is shipped out within 24 hours on business days, meaning you will get your goods fast.

Save some money, get your gaming on. Check out Discount Poker Shop for all your needs in the gaming world without breaking the bank. Save that extra money for the table.

Pokies – a history

Did you know that early pokies used bright colours, fruit images and the very lucrative pay-out of chewing gum to get around gambling laws by pretending to be games for kids? Or that Tasmania is still the only state to legalise casinos?  Follow the history of Pokies in Australia, condensed in this colourful, clearly-illustrated,  infographic, from the first coin-operated Pokie in 1881, to the online slots of the 1990s available right on your own computer! Let Casino Mate take you through the shifting trends, the technological take-off the 1960’s and the legalization of slots in clubs and hotels. Please visit new usa online casinos and make extra cash.