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Welcome to Pokershops.org, a specialized site that provides information on the building blocks of any great game of Poker, the fantastic equipment. We have a fascination for the little round chips that stack so perfectly and the solid green tables that serve to make and break winners.

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What makes a great poker chip?

It starts with quality and certainly without any lines running down the sides, the result of cheap manufacturing processes of scale being utilized.

Casino-Mate-PLAY NOW & Get up to AU$1400 FREEWhen it comes to getting customized poker chips, it is important for you to check the quality on these. On this site we hope to provide you with the most significant poker equipment suppliers, those that have stood the test of time and have produced scores of happy consumers.

Being involved in the business ourselves; we understand that the industry needs to stop producing cheap non-sense that affects the quality of one’s game, even subliminally. Who wants to play a classy game with bad equipment? Given the introduction, you may believe that we are oblivious to the actual game and its various intricacies.

Vegas Paradise Casino-Get up to €200 Free Deposit Bonus!That could not be further from the truth! We enjoy a good game of video or traditional poker now and then and, from time to time, we share insights that we have attained from our experience.

There are great casinos where digital chips can be enjoyed and we do not want to influence you in any way to choose between the traditional game and the digital version. They all have their benefits. So sit back and enjoy your experience here. We hope you find the knowledge that you were looking for. A big thank you to our kind sponsor, Maple Casino Canada, for their ongoing support of this website.

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