Guide To Online Casinos & Bonuses

Gambling is fast becoming one of the most popular pastimes worldwide and is also becoming a favourite online. It is reported that 1 in 10 internet users have gambled online. That’s quite a number of online players.

The idea of gambling online can be quite daunting and many people are skeptical about the legitimacy and fairness of online casinos. Playing casino games on the web doesn’t have to be a scary prospect. With a little knowledge on how it all works and knowing what to look out for can make playing online a truly entertaining and possibly very rewarding experience.

When trying to find the perfect casino for you to play at online, keep an eye out for things like the license, the payout reports, the certification, the welcome bonus offer and the selection of games. All major online casinos today are licensed and bear the seal of approval from international gaming authorities. This will ensure that the casino adheres to strict industry standards and that all information and cash transfers will be guarded and secure. This information should be clearly displayed on the casino’s website, so if you can’t spot easily, take caution. Another thing is the payout reports of each casino. Again these should be readily available on the website and you can click on them to view the most recent payout percentages for the casino’s games. A good payout percentage for any casino is around 95%.

The next thing to take note of is the welcome bonus and whether or not it suits you. Most casinos offer either a freeplay offer where they give you free credits to have a test run at the casino without making a deposit. This is great if you’d like to get a feel for the casino first. Another bonus offer is a deposit bonus where they match your first deposits at the casino with some free credits, sometimes doubling or even tripling your original deposit.  This is not standard however and amounts vary from casino to casino.

Browse the web and have a look around before deciding where to play. There are over 1,800 online casinos today and it’s important to choose the one that best suits you. Also, it’s important to remember to gamble responsibly. Never bet what you can’t afford to lose. If you keep this in mind and play smart, there’s no reason why online gambling can’t be extremely fun and rewarding.


Poker Room Guidelines

Are you looking to try your hand at playing Poker? But maybe you’ve never played before, or perhaps you’ve only ever played at home with your friends. This post will help provide a little insight at how to play Poker the right way. It’s good to learn the basics on how to play poker, what the rules are and how to act around other players when playing at a casino. It is even good to know the general etiquette required when you are playing Poker online against other players.

There are many variations of Poker, but the basic aim to combine your cards to create the highest ranking hand. Draw Poker is the most popular form of Poker and the one most players learn first. The dealer deals five cards face down to each player, who can discard any of their cards in order to replace them with others from the deck.  Texas Hold ‘Em Poker is also one of the most popular and most fun forms of Poker as it is fast-paced and easy to understand. This game is enjoyed both online and in land-based casinos worldwide. Each player gets two cards and then five ‘community’ cards are laid out on the table, one by one, as each player tries to use both the community cards and the cards in their hand to make the best five card Poker hand. The best five card hand revealed will win.

Poker Etiquette is important to take note of and some points to remember are to wait for your turn as Poker is an ordered game with strict rules. Always be respectful of other players and don’t distract them from their game. Remember to keep your strategy to yourself.  Also always keep your chips neatly piled in front of you. No one likes a messy table. Always wait for the dealer to announce the official winner before making assumptions. The dealer’s call is final. Don’t order any messy foods that could make the cards and chips greasy and sticky. Do not hide your cards or hold them below the table and do not let others see your cards.  Don’t dig into the pile of discarded cards or hold up the game which causes frustration to the other players and slows the flow and progress of the game. Above all, remember to play sensibly, be courteous and never lose your temper. Poker, if played right is a fun, sociable game that can be rewarding for a lot of players.